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Annisstar is a Young Ambassador in Christ. She is a Ghanaian American youth minister raised in different parts of the world. She was born in Bamberg Germany where she was to be named Anniss, but through the influence of the Holy Spirit, her father added Star to her name. Annisstar is a combination of her father’s name Arning and mother's name Stella.

Her name is a true representation of her calling, for the name Anni means favored or grace, the name Anniss means Unity and Stella means Star.

She the oldest of four children and has always been a strong leader and has had a deep passion ministry. Her love for fashion, children and has inspired many wherever she goes.

She has been blessed with many gifts such as writing, singing, dancing, acting, drawing and many other talents.

Annisstar volunteers at orphanages to share her talents with children, she eagerly embraces the social responsibility that comes with the blessings of her talents.

Annisstar began to compose music through influence of the Holy Spirit at the age of six. Her debut album “Unchangeable God” was recorded at age 15 it has been a blessing to many believers around the world. Whiles living in Germany for thirteen years she did not have much exposure to a particular genre of music, but was influenced by what she heard around her from church and home.

She served as a worship leader at Nairobi Chapel in Kenya at the age of 15.

Annisstar is a unique praise and worshiper who always gives all credit to the Almighty God for bestowing her with many talents. Annisstar is now venturing fully into her calling as a music minister and currently working on her second album.

Her (2016) single Titled “Calling You” is love song which she composed expressing the power of God’s love for his children.

Written and Composed by Annisstar
This song Expresses God's love for his children and a plea to them to trust him and rely on his word.
Produced by Johnson Oreofeloluwa Omonije
Recording Engineer: Victor Mbogo
Piano and Strings: Johnson Oreofeloluwa Omonijehnson Omonije
Saxophone: Mokua Rabai
Choir: Alice Kimanzi Munene Kelvin, Annette Oduor, Mokua Rabai
Arrangement Annisstar and Johnson
Mixing and Mastering: Gideon Kimanzi


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